Regional cooperation facilitation

Albania is increasingly becoming more involved in regional initiatives ranging from economic collaboration to policy coordination in various areas. The success of country’s engagement depends on the flow of information from the regional and wider international processes inside the country. Information that should be analyzed and valorized in terms of Albania’s regional priorities. At the same time, a reverse process of providing information from Albania to the regional partners is crucial in overcoming unpleasant situations that often arise as a result of the lack of adequate exchange among various political and policy actors.

The Institute is committed to maintain a wide network of collaborators from the wider SEE region who will regularly provide analysis in the areas of interest for the overall process of regional interaction. The converging dynamics of the Berlin Process, the European Integration and the 16+1 initiative, provide for an expanded terrain for collaboration and mutual benefit for the Central and Southeastern Europe countries, but a more substantial policy coordination around potentials, common interest and resources. The Institute will engage with various actors from the region in order to provide new ideas and models for pursuing a closer and more informed decision making in the process of intensification of collaboration in this part of Europe.