Study of new global patterns

In an interlinked world where states and other actors are increasingly dependent on global developments and new tendencies that shape both the foreign policies and economic interests in an unprecedented speed of change, a deep analysis of new patterns and anomalies is crucial for understanding the everchanging context. New theories and schools of thought are currently being developed in order to address the contemporary challenges that arise in the fields of financial markets, global economics, cybernetics, new technologies and demographic pressures. Classical theories and approaches to globalization, economic growth, European studies and the environment and climate change are experiencing a crisis.  The need to devise novel applied analytical concepts that can answer newly arising questions can be addressed only through a process of advancement of theories and analytical tools in the fields of economy, technological development, architecture, anthropology and also philosophy. We have witnessed how resorting to classical economic solutions to address an economic crisis of the 21st century has failed to provide solutions and thus the crisis is still looming large, especially on European soil, provoking the rise of dangerous political developments.

The Institute aims to engage a worldwide network of experts and scholars in order to rethink and revise the pertinent questions we need to pose today in order to better gasp the new global tendencies. In doing so, we intent to develop a center of excellence which will combine advanced theoretical production with specific research and analytical processes. It thus aims to contribute to a globally decentralized environment of thinking, where new ideas and solutions can come from different parts of the globe. We intent to put Tirana firmly on the map of this innovative solution-driven thought and analysis.